Thursday, July 31, 2008

Zach Attack is Coming!

Before I found out I was pregnant I asked Mike, my brother, if I could have Zach, my three year old nephew, for an entire weekend. Like I said, that was before I realized I was pregnant and that I had zero energy to chase around a three year old. Well, an aunt’s got to hold up her end of the bargain and I will have Zach over for a fun filled weekend.

We had planned to see the Bubble Show, a magical entertainer that can work wonders with bubbles who has performed in Vegas and off Broadway. Toddlers have an odd fascination with bubbles and I thought this would be perfect. But some cruel hearted person stole his bubbles and they canceled our show! Who would do such a thing! And what would a person want with gallons of bubble mix and ropes? I have no clue. Maybe there’s some huge demand for bubble mix on the black market. Who knows!

We had planned to go to the Winfield carnival on Friday night – that’s still a go. Then Saturday morning we’ll go to the farmers market, and head over to target to get a birthday present for Frank’s cousin’s daughter, Reese. Then off to a pool party for Miss Reese’s 2nd birthday! I think Zach will have a blast and I know he loves the pool. Zach’s mom, Jen, says he jumps right into the deep end, so I asked her to bring one of those swimming vest thingies and lots of sunscreen. Better safe than sorry.

So Sunday’s still up in the air. We may just have a down day. Uncle Frank may cook us a nice breakfast. We may have a play date with our neighbor friends LeeAnn and her two kids – Jason and Amanda. We’ll play it by ear.

This weekend I’ll muster all my energy and put on a smile for my little nephew – who I adore and I don’t spend enough time with. It will be nice to get a glimpse into what parent hood is like and to spend some quality time with Zach.

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