Friday, July 18, 2008

Home Run!

Wow… I can’t believe it. Wow… I’m still in shock.

Yes, I’m pregnant!

Frank was up when I got home from work last night and I thought, so I thought what the heck, I know I’m not pregnant, but on my calculations I should have gotten my period that day. So, Thursday night I decided to take a test since Frank was up.

I’m standing there in the bathroom waiting for the negative result when up pops a plus sign. Shocked…

I grab the test stick and directions and walk into the living room. I hand Frank the stick. He looks at it, then studies the directions. Looks at the stick again. Looks at the directions again. He hasn’t said a word.

I tell him I’m pregnant and ask him what he thinks?

He replies with, “Are you sure? Do we have any more tests?”

Of course we don’t have any more tests, so I run out to Walgreens, all the while with my head spinning and me almost forgetting where Walgreens was! I buy two of the “expensive” kinds with a digital read out. I’m sure the lady who checked me out was thinking I was nuts for buying so many tests.

I come home, and Frank’s still not saying much.

Frank decides to come in and witness the actual tests. We hold the sticks the plastic cup and place them on the counter. Wala… pregnant, pregnant, pregnant.

We took FOUR total tests.

Then Frank said, “wow… I feel nauseous.”

We both were surprised and didn’t think it would happen so soon. Not sure why we were so shocked. We had been trying, but not that much because we were both sick with colds last month.

I can’t stop smiling. I’m feeling great. Just a little nauseous, but nothing a saltine cracker wont fix. Poor Frank, I totally thought he was going to get sick last night. He was nauseous, clammy and dizzy. It’s a lot for someone to take in.

I think I’m about 4 weeks pregnant. I’m calling the doctor this morning to make an appointment. I’m sure she won’t see me until I’m 8 or 10 weeks along. I’m considering taking the entire day off so Frank and I can enjoy this special day.

So, I’m going to take this day by day. I’m not going to get all wrapped up in details and putting the cart before the horse. I know I’ll drive us both crazy.

But first things first, we have to tell our parents.

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erin said...

WAHOOOO! I'm so sorry I missed your big news! Congratulations!