Monday, July 7, 2008

Independence Day, 2008

We spent this long weekend at home with Ozz Man. He’s been sleeping a lot, and his lack of appetite is starting to concern me. He will not eat his dog food unless it’s mixed with some human food and he even will spit out the dog food if it doesn’t taste just right!

We have a vet appointment on Tuesday to change the bandage. He is slowly starting to get back to normal. Chasing the cats, barking at our neighbor Ursula, but still not eating as he should.

I felt very domestic this weekend. Went grocery shopping, did several loads of laundry and I even cooked! Made bbq ribs, brownies, a frittata that even surprised myself at how good it was, and chicken cutlets with pasta. I think we’ll have tons of left overs for the week. Now I just need to keep up the momentum.

Our garden is doing really well – we have already picked several good size zucchini – which prompted me to cook the frittata. I even used fresh basil and parsley from my herb garden. Know any good zucchini recipes? I’m sure we’ll have tons all summer. We also picked our first cucumber, which a bunny had started to nibble on. Frank saw the bunny munching away, but said he couldn’t chase it away because it was a baby. What a softy. We’re still waiting for our tomatoes to ripen – we planted four plants, but ended up with over twenty! We let several tomatoes fall to the ground last year and now they’re back.

We’re mid-summer. Can hardly believe it went by so fast.

Happy Independence Day everyone.

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