Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ozzie's Home

We brought Ozzie home by 4:30 the day after his surgery. He slept until 6:30 then got up for potty and dinner then slept until midnight. He’s getting around fine, lots of hopping – he’s fast! They have him in a splint from toes to elbow wrapped in that sticky wrap that only sticks to itself. Frank wasn't happy with the color choice - pink! We covered the cast/splint with a baby sock, to keep it clean.

They removed his two center toes. We’ll just have to wait for the pathology. The surgeon who did the discharge told us that it was “highly unlikely” that they got a clean boundary, so I’m not getting my hopes up.

Last night I could really tell he was in pain and uncomfortable. He was resting fine until the morphine the hospital gave him wore off. Then he was restless. He wouldn’t settle down, like he couldn’t get comfortable. I could tell he was in pain. His arm was twitching and he held it up so it wouldn’t touch anything. That was tough.

So, it was a tough night. Getting up with him, helping him settle in, find a new spot to lie down. Frank’s home with him now and if he doesn’t settle in the next hour, we’re going to call the vet for some good meds. All they sent him home with was an anti-inflammatory. I was hoping for something a bit stronger to take the edge off.

Thanks everyone for their well wishes. He’ll get better, the first few days post-op are always tough.

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