Wednesday, March 12, 2008

National Lampoons…. Uh… Mazzarella Vegas Vacation

Well – Vegas was everything we thought it would be. Lots of gambling, lots of drinking and well, what ever happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas. Accept I will share a few tid bits.

We stayed at the Venetian – had some wonderful meals and walked every step of the strip. Frank and I both won it big on the roulette table – but then promptly gave it back. We learned a really easy table game called Caribbean Stud Poker. We played on the casino’s money for several hours and pretty much broke even. It was nice for a while being up $700+! We should have stopped there.

Sad to say that we didn’t bring home any “special souvenirs” from Vegas. We’re still letting the idea of changing our lives forever sink in. It’s a big step and we both have to be ready.

So we’re not trying just yet…

Monday, March 3, 2008

Facing The Litter

So I broke it to Frank that he’ll need to start cleaning the kitty litter. He has yet to scoop a single kitty poop his entire life and now he’s got to start. I waited as long as I could and I warned him to read his book… But he’s still taking it hard.

There is a risk of pregnant women contracting toxoplasmosis from kitty poop and the consequences could be fatal to a baby. Why risk it when you can have someone else lovingly change the litter.

We’re not pregnant yet, but let’s just say, we haven’t been trying not to get pregnant. It’s find of fun to through caution to the wind.

On my way out to work this morning I saw that he brought in a mask for him to wear when he braves the kitty litter! It’s a half face mask with one of those filter things on it! I couldn’t believe it! Changing the litter isn’t that bad! His nose will have to get used to all kinds of smells when we start changing diapers.

Hopefully his kitty litter duty will prepare him for diaper duty! Hey, anything that will help him feel better I’m all for it!