Friday, May 30, 2008

Loving this Spring weather

Top Reasons I love this weather

  1. Getting some much needed vitamin D therapy
  2. Grilling dinner means no kitchen clean up!
  3. Watching Ozzie beg to go outside, thinking he has to go potty, only to see him jump on the couch on the deck to lounge in the sun. He gets so hot that we have to force him back inside! We call him our “sun pug”
  4. Getting my hands dirty while gardening and not caring about my manicure
  5. Driving with the radio blasting, windows and sunroof open – flash back to high school
  6. Getting off the coutch and being more active
  7. Watching Frank do everything in his power to have the greenest lawn on the block
  8. Having friends and family over for a BBQ
  9. Watching my garden flourish
  10. Pedicures and flip-flops
  11. Walks with the Ozz
  12. Planting tomatoes and veggies this year!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Atlantic City Here We Come!

We have a mini vacation coming up – we’re heading to Atlantic City for a few days in the end of June. Frank has the police convention in AC, right around my birthday and I figure why not head down with him. I can use some time at the spa and he can do his schmoozing and go to the police expo. We’re staying at the Borgata and ended up with two nights comped and one night at the casino floor rate – under $100! We may meet up with his chief and his girlfriend for dinner, but other than that, I really need a relaxing time away from work.

Auntie Kristen is staying with the furry kids. We’re so lucky to have her!

We’re staying three nights and then back to the house to do some work – clean out the garage, work on our garden…and some quality time together *wink* *wink*

Memorial Day

Ok – still no news. No change in plans to start trying. I am, however approaching the big three-o…oh boy… in less than thirty days. This clock is ticking, but I know I have to be patient and we BOTH need to be ready.

We had a lovely Memorial Day party at our house. We had Frank’s parents over, his Aunt Gen, Uncle Ed, cousins Edward and Jennifer and Jen’s husband John with their daughter Reese. Reese will be two in August and is just talking up a storm! Well, in her own little language of course. She is adorable, and knows it.

Frank manned the grill and we did the usual hamburgers, hot dogs and sausage. Frank’s mom was a big help. Frank and I were both exhausted by the time the party rolled around. We both had spent the entire weekend getting the house ready. We cleaned the deck, planted our annuals and cleaned the house from top to bottom. We both agreed that the house looked great and we should keep it like this more often! I guess it’s all part of growing up – keeping a neat and clean house.

But it’s funny how Frank and I differ on our definitions of clean. Clean to Frank is a pile of dirty dishes that isn’t growing any mold yet… Clean to me is being able to walk around bear foot and not getting black socks. I don’t think men and women see the world the same way. I look around the kitchen and see 10 things I can clean up… Frank looks around the kitchen for any obstacles in his path to whatever he needs. We’ve both decided to make a conscious effort to keep the house clean. Let’s see who keeps up their end of the bargain… without nagging the other to do their’s.