Thursday, February 28, 2008

Taking An Interest

Well, I wouldn’t say Frank's taking an interest in pregnancy and learning more about the planning, but he’s become a lot more tolerant of me talking about it AND didn’t flip a lid when I left the new book I purchased for him in his reading room… aka the bathroom.

I asked him if he read it, and he said he read the outside. That’s a baby step in the right direction. I suggested he take a look. It’s written by a husband who’s “been there and done that” and it really does read in “guy speak.”

Progress is good.

Another note – T minus five days until I leave for Vegas! Frank comes out in seven days. We both really need a vacation, sun light, warm weather and quality time together *wink wink*

Awe Struck

I am in awe at the woman’s reproduction cycle. I have been doing some more reading, probably more than is good for me, but everything I’m learning I find to be true when it comes to the reproductive cycle of women.
I have been off any hormonal birth control (pill, patch, ring you name it!) for almost four months. At this point I have completely forgotten, or maybe blocked out, that a woman’s body goes through many changes during a cycle when it’s not inhibited by hormonal contraceptives.

*TMI alert*

So I read that a woman will see a small increase in her basal body temperature during ovulation – and low and behold after obediently measuring my temp in the wee hours of the morning, my temp has gone up significantly to the point I feel flushed most of the day. Science has also revealed a connection between (TMI?) cervical secretions to the onset of ovulation, and again – I’m right on track with that. So, one would believe that I am currently ovulating. One lucky egg will eventually break through the ovary and make its way down the fallopian tube.

Being the constant pessimist, and convinced that I am in fact infertile, I have purchased an ovulation predictor kit. I need scientific proof that this ovulation thing really happens. I can’t rely on my own lay observations, some one hand me a test strip please! I’ve been dutifully testing my urine every morning and just this Tuesday an extra line appeared… I was in shock! No I’m not pregnant, I have scientific proof I am ovulating!

Wow… still in awe that my body actually works!

I’m sure this is just the beginning… Once we conceive I’m sure my body will surprise me every day.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Babies Babies Everywhere!

I’ve noticed our extended family going through a transition. A few years ago we were overcome with family weddings…and certainly expected… now here come the babies.

I have two cousins in the mid-west: Susie just had her lovely Addison in early February. And Susie’s sister, Amy, is pregnant with twins! A boy and a girl. Their other sister, Becky, had her daughter Mia a little over two years ago. Their family is bursting at the seams! So that’s 3. Below are Amy (left) and Susie (right) showing on their pregnant sister bellies.

Three more cousins in NJ and Virginia both had babies less than two years ago and let’s not forget my own nephew, Zach was born just three years ago. He is such a sweetheart. So that’s 4… = 7. Here is Frank and Zach just being goofy!

My best friend from high school, Yogita has an adorable little guy named Brenden she had this past July. So that’s 1 more = 8!

So I can’t even count on one hand how many new babies have been welcomed into our “extended” family.

I better get started knitting those blankets! It will be good practice for making our baby a blanket, which I can’t wait to do!

I have been noticing pregnant women and babies more often, guess it's natural to see what I'm in for.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Reading Pregnancy Books & Reviews

I broke down and started reading a few books off my reading list - see list below for links. Books most pregnant women would read, but because I'm the type to ALWAYS put the cart before the horse, I dove right in. And I’m really glad I did. Makes me feel more prepared and ready for what my body… and a baby… is going to throw at me once that line turns pink.

Frank didn't completely freak out about the books... well... I didn't tell him I bought the books. I just left them out for him to find. While sitting at home on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I read aloud a few of the top "Fears Men Have About Pregnancy/Parenting" and he seemed to enjoy them. I think he's on board the daddy-to-be bandwagon. Glad we're both on the same page now!

Getting him to read the "Pregnancy Sucks for Men Too" book is another story. I know! I'll take all reading material out of the bathroom but the book! He'll be a captive audience, for at least twenty minutes.

I just finished “Belly Laughs” by Jenny McCarthy – who is hilarious! She definitely tells it like it is and I really liked her sense of humor. It was a short read, and not really full of facts and must-do lists, but I wasn’t expecting clinical information. This really was just a pleasure read.

I’m just finishing “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy.” It steps more into the need to know information format, things your doctor won’t tell you and what the author’s “Girlfriends” would advise. It helps define the line between being extremely cautious to what a normal pregnant would do. It also was helpful in examining relationships between your physician, family and husband. Even more helpful was her in depth discussion on all that pregnant women go through, emotionally and physically.

Next up - "What to Expect When You're Expecting."

What is safe, really?

I have been so sick lately with a cold and I’ve been thinking how in the world would I get through the day without any cold medicine like a good pregnant woman should! There are so many medicines that are on the “NO NO” list when you’re pregnant. Some women barely take a Tylenol, but others freely chug Nyquil… Where is the even ground? What can we “safely” take to relieve just one more thing that is making us tired, or sick, or crabby?

I’ve done some light reading and all books point me to ask my doctors about any medication I would want to take. That will be my first conversation that I have with Dr. Purdue (who I completely adore – more on her later). What’s safe to take, and what’s not? I’ll probably opt for staying as medication free as possible. That’s my goal anyway.

And food… there is a whole set of nutritional guidelines to follow on the road to conception and pregnancy. The first and hardest for me was to limit caffeine. Can you believe it!? Me – who received numerous gift cards to Star-Bucks this holiday… and obviously have a caffeine habit… I have successfully limited myself to one cup of coffee a day. And if I really need it, I’ll have a caffeinated soda in the afternoon. I’m so proud of myself. I used to think that caffeine ruled my life! I like this feeling of being in control!

The sad part is limiting my favorite foods - no sushi, which really sucks because Frank has actually grown to really like it! I’m sure there are things I can have, cooked rolls and tempura, but it won’t be the same. I also have to limit certain sea foods – only one tuna salad once a week and certain other fish is off limits completely because of their mercury level. And I stopped that a while a go because I learned mercury is stored in fat for many, many weeks. And since I have a lot of free storage places… I cut that out right away.

I have to be sure I eat fully cooked meats (medium-well! Yuck!) and no unpasteurized or soft cheeses. This includes my beloved blue and brie cheeses! I’ve also heard, not from a reliable source so I’ll confirm this with my doctor, that I’ll need to avoid artificial sweeteners. Now, does that include aspartame, aka Splenda? Or did that warning only apply to vast amounts of NutraSweet?

How things change – my mom used to drink Dr. Pepper and Tab like it was going out of style when she was pregnant with me and I turned out just fine. But new research has proven good reasons for the limitations.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Two and a half weeks until I leave for Vegas and step into the new world of trying to conceive (TTC). There’s a whole world out there for couples trying to have a family. Books, magazines, message boards, support groups, check lists… The mass amount of information is daunting! Whatever happened to just letting nature take its course and “seeing what happens.”

Well, if you know me personally, you know I’m a planner to the 10th degree and I have to admit I have been doing a little planning on my own. I’ve been reading and charting and taking my temperature and planning as much as I can with out actually trying to conceive. I’ve only purchased one book, “Taking Charge of Your Fertility.” This is a great book for women who need a 101 about reproduction and how to help increase your odds of conceiving. I have a few other books I’d like to get, about pregnancy, but have been holding out until we actually start trying. Sorry to report, I’ve been swallowed up by this new big world.

Doing research and planning has made me feel better since I can’t really talk about this with anyone! Frank and I both decided, for our sanity mainly, that we would keep our baby planning timeline to ourselves. Which I totally agree with, but has been a challenge for me.

I’m a very personable person. I can talk to anyone about almost anything, and often do. I talk my personal life with friends at work, my mom, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and so on. But does my boss really need to know that I found a sweater on sale for 60% off at Kohl’s? Does the vice president need to know my vacation plans? Maybe a bit too much information?

So needless to say being quite about this particular subject has been tough. We decided not to say anything to friends or family when we start trying to avoid the obviously embarrassing question, “are you pregnant yet?” And what happens when we do conceive, do we lie for the first three months until we’re over the questionable first trimester? So this decision to remain quiet was intentional and made for all the right reasons. But when do we tell? That’s a topic for another day.

Unexpectedly, I’m really starting to like this new found privacy. I’ve been learning a lot about this from my very private boss. She doesn’t willingly divulge information and keeps her private life separate from work conversations. Once in a while I’ll get a story about her grand kids or a recent trip, but for the most part, she’s a sincerely private person. And I respect that. And I’m hoping to learn from her.

This week we’re planning our trip to Vegas. Trying to decide between this buffet or that restaurant and this show or that gondola ride… You never know what to expect in Vegas!

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Journey Begins

This blog is dedicated to our quest to have a baby. My husband, Frank, and I have been married for three years. We're both pushing 30 and it's about time! This blog will help you all, our extended, very far reaching families, to keep up to date on the baby growing process. Not to mention it's a great way to keep a history of this life changing experience. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Here are Frank and I at a wedding a few years ago - aren't we cute? Wouldn't we make beautiful babies? We think so. We plan to start our family in the next few months.

My posts will be sporadic until we know for sure that we're pregnant. I'm excited beyond belief and just hope that we don't run into any unexpected problems. Frank is excited, but nervous, as most dads-to-be are.

We've had some experience co-parenting our first baby... Ozzie.
We got Ozzie when he was seven weeks old and he was the cutest pug puppy you have ever seen! How could you not fall in love with that adorable face!?!

I was living in a two family house in Metuchen, and Frank would stay over a few nights a week, but most of the puppy raising was left to me. Which was fine and I do have to say the days that Frank was around, he definitely pitched in.

I'm sure once we have kids and look back we'll agree that raising Ozzie was a piece of cake and much different than raising kids, BUT I have to say there are some eerie similarities to puppy raising and raising kids.
  1. Sleep less nights and early mornings
  2. You get over your bodily fluids phobia very quickly
  3. Materials things get broken, mauled, even ingested... and it's not the end of the world - just as long as everyone is safe
  4. Making your home safe, or puppy/baby proof - nothing on the floor, nothing with in reach - you'd be surprised how far a paw can reach on the coffee table
  5. You are the sole provider of nutrition and love to this little being
  6. Love is given back ten fold
I will never forget coming home from lunch to see the cute 8 pound pile of wrinkles wriggling with excitement... and just behind him were brown paw prints all over the white carpet. Potty training a pug puppy is certainly a challenge, but having one who seems to enjoy stepping in his poop and making paw prints on the carpet as he chases his big kitty brothers around the room and even across the couch! Needless to say, I spent many a lunch hour cleaning carpets and nothing seemed to surprise me.

My mom might argue a little pay back was in order... She claims that when I was little, I had a tendency to, and this is awful, take off my dirty diapers and "paint" the walls!

So if puppy poop payback wasn't enough, I'm horrified to think what a toddler can come up with.

All kidding aside, Frank and I couldn't me more excited and nervous all at the same time about this huge step we're about to take.

We're going to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks - part business, part vacation. We're going to live it up and hopefully come home with our very own special souvenir.