Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Babies Babies Everywhere!

I’ve noticed our extended family going through a transition. A few years ago we were overcome with family weddings…and certainly expected… now here come the babies.

I have two cousins in the mid-west: Susie just had her lovely Addison in early February. And Susie’s sister, Amy, is pregnant with twins! A boy and a girl. Their other sister, Becky, had her daughter Mia a little over two years ago. Their family is bursting at the seams! So that’s 3. Below are Amy (left) and Susie (right) showing on their pregnant sister bellies.

Three more cousins in NJ and Virginia both had babies less than two years ago and let’s not forget my own nephew, Zach was born just three years ago. He is such a sweetheart. So that’s 4… = 7. Here is Frank and Zach just being goofy!

My best friend from high school, Yogita has an adorable little guy named Brenden she had this past July. So that’s 1 more = 8!

So I can’t even count on one hand how many new babies have been welcomed into our “extended” family.

I better get started knitting those blankets! It will be good practice for making our baby a blanket, which I can’t wait to do!

I have been noticing pregnant women and babies more often, guess it's natural to see what I'm in for.

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