Friday, February 15, 2008

The Journey Begins

This blog is dedicated to our quest to have a baby. My husband, Frank, and I have been married for three years. We're both pushing 30 and it's about time! This blog will help you all, our extended, very far reaching families, to keep up to date on the baby growing process. Not to mention it's a great way to keep a history of this life changing experience. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Here are Frank and I at a wedding a few years ago - aren't we cute? Wouldn't we make beautiful babies? We think so. We plan to start our family in the next few months.

My posts will be sporadic until we know for sure that we're pregnant. I'm excited beyond belief and just hope that we don't run into any unexpected problems. Frank is excited, but nervous, as most dads-to-be are.

We've had some experience co-parenting our first baby... Ozzie.
We got Ozzie when he was seven weeks old and he was the cutest pug puppy you have ever seen! How could you not fall in love with that adorable face!?!

I was living in a two family house in Metuchen, and Frank would stay over a few nights a week, but most of the puppy raising was left to me. Which was fine and I do have to say the days that Frank was around, he definitely pitched in.

I'm sure once we have kids and look back we'll agree that raising Ozzie was a piece of cake and much different than raising kids, BUT I have to say there are some eerie similarities to puppy raising and raising kids.
  1. Sleep less nights and early mornings
  2. You get over your bodily fluids phobia very quickly
  3. Materials things get broken, mauled, even ingested... and it's not the end of the world - just as long as everyone is safe
  4. Making your home safe, or puppy/baby proof - nothing on the floor, nothing with in reach - you'd be surprised how far a paw can reach on the coffee table
  5. You are the sole provider of nutrition and love to this little being
  6. Love is given back ten fold
I will never forget coming home from lunch to see the cute 8 pound pile of wrinkles wriggling with excitement... and just behind him were brown paw prints all over the white carpet. Potty training a pug puppy is certainly a challenge, but having one who seems to enjoy stepping in his poop and making paw prints on the carpet as he chases his big kitty brothers around the room and even across the couch! Needless to say, I spent many a lunch hour cleaning carpets and nothing seemed to surprise me.

My mom might argue a little pay back was in order... She claims that when I was little, I had a tendency to, and this is awful, take off my dirty diapers and "paint" the walls!

So if puppy poop payback wasn't enough, I'm horrified to think what a toddler can come up with.

All kidding aside, Frank and I couldn't me more excited and nervous all at the same time about this huge step we're about to take.

We're going to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks - part business, part vacation. We're going to live it up and hopefully come home with our very own special souvenir.

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