Friday, September 25, 2009

Six Months

Six months… really? How on earth did that happen? Exactly six months ago today we welcomed our little love bug into our family. We knew our lives would be forever changed, but we had no idea how our hearts would feel like they could burst at any moment with every smile or giggle or coo.

Dominick is just a joy. Everyone says so. Am I biased? Sure am. But when complete strangers say he’s got a great disposition, I’m starting to believe them. He’s always happy and smiling. I'm going to make a conscious effort to really enjoy every minute I can with him. This just went by too fast.

We had our six month check up with Dr. Cavuto yesterday. Dominick weighed in at a healthy 18 pounds 8 ounces (75th percentile) and measured 28 ½ inches long (off the chars said the doc!). He had his last set of vaccinations until he turns one. He took them like a champ. Just as the doc was injecting, little Dominick’s face got all red, he cried for maybe 30 seconds and he was fine.

We will be starting baby food on Saturday. I’ve already made peaches, sweet potatoes and carrots. The doc warned us he might turn a little orange with all the beta-carotene. We’ll take lots of pictures since babies usually make really funny faces during those first bites.

Since Dominick has six teeth already, the doc also cleared us to try teething biscuits. We may forgo them because most people say they’re more trouble and mess then they’re worth.

We’re also getting his first professional photos taken to mark the six month milestone. I’m sure I could take some really nice shots, but I think it’s a right of passage for parents to have pictures taken of their kids.

Looking forward to a busy weekend and spending time with my three boys – Dominick, Ozzie and Frank included!

PS – Frank picked up the electronic booger sucker. I think this has to be the best invention EVER! There’s no crying what so ever! And it works! Just try digging out a booger of a wriggling, squirming little baby. Not so fun. But turn on the fancy music and it sucks it right out. This gizmo comes highly recommended.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day Care & The Sniffles

Dominick's been in day care for about three weeks. He goes on Mondays and Wednesdays. The teachers there can't say enough wonderful things about him. How happy he is, what a joy he is to have in class, how easy going he is. It's so nice to hear that he's doing well.

He does have to work on his napping at day care. I'm sure a lot of other babies struggle with this. How can you nap with so much fun stuff happening all around you? Not to mention other cranky babies making a fus.
When I drop him off, he seems pretty happy to see his teacher Ms. Pam. Last week when I picked him up, he seemed even more happy to see me! I thought to myself, he actually knows who I am! He knows I'm his ma'ma! He was so sweet, he took his hands and pulled my face close into his. My heart just melted.

So far, so good.

Dominick did come down with his first "head cold" as the doctor put it. He started with congestion, then cough, then runny nose. I know day care and sick kids go hand in hand, but Dominick got sick the night he came home from his first day. We're pretty sure that daddy shared his germs with Dominick AND mommy too.

I got a quick education on how to use the dreaded bulb syringe. That thing is just plain scary! But, very effective. They now make an electric version. A friend of mine has one and she loves it. Click here to read about it. We may have to invest in this. It even plays a tune for the little guy to help distract him from what we're doing.
No fever, just lots of congestion. Over all Dominick battled his first cold like a champ. He did have a hard time sleeping and was a bit more clingy. But you try to sleep while sucking on your paci with a stuffy nose!

All in all - everyone is healthy again. Hopefully we'll stay that way for a while.

Still Playing Catch Up June, July & August 2009

Okay, I'm putting this all out here and catching you up to speed on our little guy.

Working on his smile - he's a handsome little guy. June 1, 2009

Dominick met his newest cousin, Chester. Chester is only a few weeks old and Dominick already the jokester is practicing the art of silly faces. Frank and I trekked out to Brooklyn to meet our newest nephew - the son of my brother St. John and his wife Linden. June 4, 2009. Doing some tummy time - which he doesn't necessarily hate. June 6, 2009This is one of my absolute favorite pictures. Here are my two boys, sitting back watching the Yankees. You cannot deny who this boy looks like! He's practically a "mini-me" of his daddy. June 10, 2009.

Be ware of stopping this baby mid-bottle to for a burp. This is what you'll get... almost every time. The tear just kills me. He's sooo pissed! June 10, 2009.

First time in a pool - he didn't hate it. But he doesn't look like he loved it either. He's holding on for dear life. July 6, 2009.

Snoozing poolside with his cousin Christopher. Christopher is three weeks older then Dominick. We're sure they'll be best of friends or they'll never get along. We're hoping for the first option. July 5, 2009.

We had Dominick baptised on July 19, 2009 at Saint Helena's in Edison. A wonderful ceremony and my brother Mike and Frank's sister Kristen were the God parents. A lovely lunch followed for friends and family at a near by restaurant.

With an outfit this cute - you have to have a little fun! He looked adorable. July 19, 2009.

He was SOUND asleep when Father Anthony baptised him. He started screaming! Poor guy. July 19, 2009.

He was all smiles for our little photo shoot a few days after the event. July 25, 2009.

First bite of rice cereal. He wasn't too sure at first. He warmed up to it real fast and there's no stopping him! It's like feeding a little baby bird - mouth wide open, ready for each bite. If we don't go fast enough, he definitely lets us know. August 8, 2009.

Dominick and Hastings hanging out on the kitchen table. Hastings looks HUGE compared to Dominick. Here, they probably weigh the same, 14/15 pounds give or take. Hastings is so patient with the little guy. Dominick holds out his hand and Hastings will come up underneath wanting to be scratched. When Dominick grabs hold, and wont let go, Hastings just sits there and waits him out. Not sure how long this happy relationship will last. Oh, wait, yes I do, up until Dominick can play "chase the kitty" then Hastings will run for the hills! August 7, 2009.

Yep - we're teething. Can I fit this whole thing in my mouth! Dominick sprouted is first two teeth at the end of July - just when he turned four months old. That's pretty young. He now has his two top teeth too! We've had the occasional late night, and Tylenol usually helps. August 7, 2009.

Check out my Chuck Taylors! Now, I've always thought putting shoes on infants was just ridiculous... until Frank put these puppies on Dominick. He looks so cute! August 26, 2009.

Papa John came to spend a weekend with us and had the opportunity to volunteer at a PGA golf tournament at the Barklay's in Jersey City. Papa had a great time getting to know Dominick and rubbing elbows with Tiger. August 28, 2009.

Angry face. Not sure why. But it's so darn cute! August 28, 2009.

Just playin'. Check out all his hair! It's really filled in after he lost most of it. August 30, 2009.
That's it! Finally all caught up. I will be posting more frequently about all sorts of things. Check back soon.