Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day Care & The Sniffles

Dominick's been in day care for about three weeks. He goes on Mondays and Wednesdays. The teachers there can't say enough wonderful things about him. How happy he is, what a joy he is to have in class, how easy going he is. It's so nice to hear that he's doing well.

He does have to work on his napping at day care. I'm sure a lot of other babies struggle with this. How can you nap with so much fun stuff happening all around you? Not to mention other cranky babies making a fus.
When I drop him off, he seems pretty happy to see his teacher Ms. Pam. Last week when I picked him up, he seemed even more happy to see me! I thought to myself, he actually knows who I am! He knows I'm his ma'ma! He was so sweet, he took his hands and pulled my face close into his. My heart just melted.

So far, so good.

Dominick did come down with his first "head cold" as the doctor put it. He started with congestion, then cough, then runny nose. I know day care and sick kids go hand in hand, but Dominick got sick the night he came home from his first day. We're pretty sure that daddy shared his germs with Dominick AND mommy too.

I got a quick education on how to use the dreaded bulb syringe. That thing is just plain scary! But, very effective. They now make an electric version. A friend of mine has one and she loves it. Click here to read about it. We may have to invest in this. It even plays a tune for the little guy to help distract him from what we're doing.
No fever, just lots of congestion. Over all Dominick battled his first cold like a champ. He did have a hard time sleeping and was a bit more clingy. But you try to sleep while sucking on your paci with a stuffy nose!

All in all - everyone is healthy again. Hopefully we'll stay that way for a while.

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Helene said...

We have that same snot sucker!!! I bought it awhile back when my little twins were about 6 months old and they had a horrible cold. It actually works really well, esp on thick snot. But it is kinda gross to clean out.

Hope he feels better soon!