Friday, September 25, 2009

Six Months

Six months… really? How on earth did that happen? Exactly six months ago today we welcomed our little love bug into our family. We knew our lives would be forever changed, but we had no idea how our hearts would feel like they could burst at any moment with every smile or giggle or coo.

Dominick is just a joy. Everyone says so. Am I biased? Sure am. But when complete strangers say he’s got a great disposition, I’m starting to believe them. He’s always happy and smiling. I'm going to make a conscious effort to really enjoy every minute I can with him. This just went by too fast.

We had our six month check up with Dr. Cavuto yesterday. Dominick weighed in at a healthy 18 pounds 8 ounces (75th percentile) and measured 28 ½ inches long (off the chars said the doc!). He had his last set of vaccinations until he turns one. He took them like a champ. Just as the doc was injecting, little Dominick’s face got all red, he cried for maybe 30 seconds and he was fine.

We will be starting baby food on Saturday. I’ve already made peaches, sweet potatoes and carrots. The doc warned us he might turn a little orange with all the beta-carotene. We’ll take lots of pictures since babies usually make really funny faces during those first bites.

Since Dominick has six teeth already, the doc also cleared us to try teething biscuits. We may forgo them because most people say they’re more trouble and mess then they’re worth.

We’re also getting his first professional photos taken to mark the six month milestone. I’m sure I could take some really nice shots, but I think it’s a right of passage for parents to have pictures taken of their kids.

Looking forward to a busy weekend and spending time with my three boys – Dominick, Ozzie and Frank included!

PS – Frank picked up the electronic booger sucker. I think this has to be the best invention EVER! There’s no crying what so ever! And it works! Just try digging out a booger of a wriggling, squirming little baby. Not so fun. But turn on the fancy music and it sucks it right out. This gizmo comes highly recommended.

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Amy said...

Great update! That's hilarious that the booger sucker works. ha!