Wednesday, March 12, 2008

National Lampoons…. Uh… Mazzarella Vegas Vacation

Well – Vegas was everything we thought it would be. Lots of gambling, lots of drinking and well, what ever happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas. Accept I will share a few tid bits.

We stayed at the Venetian – had some wonderful meals and walked every step of the strip. Frank and I both won it big on the roulette table – but then promptly gave it back. We learned a really easy table game called Caribbean Stud Poker. We played on the casino’s money for several hours and pretty much broke even. It was nice for a while being up $700+! We should have stopped there.

Sad to say that we didn’t bring home any “special souvenirs” from Vegas. We’re still letting the idea of changing our lives forever sink in. It’s a big step and we both have to be ready.

So we’re not trying just yet…

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