Monday, July 28, 2008

Do I Have The Right to Complain?

I don’t think so.

I got myself into this mess, with the help of my darling husband. People are constantly asking me how I’m feeling. Why should I mention I have 24/7 nausea and that I can’t sleep three hours without getting up to pee? Or that all I’ve been eating is saltine crackers and ginger ale? Do they want to hear those awful details? Will they think I’m ungrateful for this blessing we have been given?

I think I’ll keep those gory details to myself and share with my close friends and family. But I still feel a tad bit guilty complaining.

I’ve heard parenthood has guilt wrapped in everything. Let the guilt begin.


erin said...

I found that if you tell them the truth, they stop asking. ; )
Hang in there. In just a few short weeks you will feel SO much better. I. PROMISE.
Also, see if you can find GinGins Hard Candy. My girlfriends and I all used them. Very helpful for nausea.

erin said...

Can I add you to my links on my baby blog?

Rebecca M. said...

Of course you can Erin! I'd be honored!