Monday, July 21, 2008

Telling the Parents

So we told our respective parents – who live locally. We’re still deciding on how to tell my dad and step-mom who live in DC. We may plan a trip down to see them.
But for now, we shared our news with Frank’s parents, Frank and Theresa and my parents, Aurelia and Dave.

We went to Frank’s parents house and his mom was the only one home. We had taken our four pregnancy test and wrapped them in tissue and presented them to his mom in a lovely pink gift bag. She opens them up and it took about 5 seconds for it to sink in… and then she started jumping up and down screaming “I’m gonna be a grammie, I’m gonna be a grammie!”

This went on for several minutes.

Frank’s dad had just left a for a meeting and his mom called him to come home right away.

Frank’s mom was beside her self. Crying and wanting to tell everyone. “Oh, I have to tell some one…. Can I tell the girls at work?”


“Can I tell Mrs. G? (her best friend neighbor)”


She called Kristen, Frank’s sister, and asked her to come home instead of going to the gym. And of course Kristen needed a reason and could hear something was up and asked her mom if I was pregnant… and she told her over the phone.

So Frank’s dad gets home and Frank’s mom wants to meet him outside and tell him, but we literally had to hold her back until his dad was physically in the room.

“I’m going to be a grammie and you’re going to be a poppie!” she said through tears.

They were both very happy for us.

The funniest thing was that his mom didn’t know what a pregnancy test was! She said afterwards that she thought they were markers!

My parents were equally as excited for us, in their own way.

My mom instantly started crying and Dave took it all in stride. He is most often the cautious type and gave me a hug and Frank a stern hand shake.

So we’ve started to spread the word to our immediate family.

I’ve scheduled our first doctor’s appointment for August 25. I should be about 10 weeks by then and the doc will be able to get a good look at a heart beat…

I still can’t believe it. There are moments when I “forget” that I’m pregnant and sort of remember when I’m in the middle of something and it’s like a nice surprise all over again.

I have been feeling some abdominal pain. Not sure if that’s normal, as I’m sure I’ll say many times to come, I’ve never done this before. So I called the nurse and she’s going to call me back. My main concern is an ectopic pregnancy. I don’t think I will rest until I see the little sack exactly where it’s supposed to be, beating away.

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