Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dredded Bandage Changes

Ok, so a lot has happened this weekend. Frank took Ozzie in on Friday for another bandage change. Poor Ozzie. But great job to Frank cause when he first dropped Ozzie off, the vet tech took one look and said he was fine and no need to change the bandage. Frank knew better and told the vet tech that he’d like to speak with a doctor and that he definitely needs a change because it is infected. Good thing he did! And the doc even said that. The doc reiterated that it was still infected and had to sedate Ozzie to soak the foot and re-bandage. Good job daddy! Sticking up to the docs without me there! Our little guy is luck to have you. So that was Friday.
Saturday morning, we’re laying around, not doing much and all of the sudden Frank yells at Charlie (our very mischievous cat), for getting into something, and Ozzie who was illegally sleeping on top of the couch, dutifully jumped up to go correct Charlie and got his bandaged leg stuck between the window and the couch. Ozzie let out a yelp, which broke our hearts! The bandage had shifted at least two inches from where it was supposed to be. We called the vet and they said to bring him down, even though we had an apt on Sunday. We drive down to exit 102 on the parkway on a Saturday morning… needless to say, it took us A LONG TIME to get there.

I sat in the back of the car with him and his bandage was slowly slipping off. By the time we got to the vet, into the waiting room then finally into an exam room the bandage was almost off. Poor Ozzie, he doesn’t like to be held out in public. He was barking at all the dogs, and squirming so much. At one point, and we couldn’t help but laugh because we couldn’t do anything else, his splint/bandage was waving around like a helicopter and hit me in the head numerous times. Eventually the bandage fell off and we saw it.

Oh, our hearts broke again. I couldn’t look, but I had to look. His paw was a different shape, with just two toes, rather square. One looked very red and swollen, probably the infection. I had to hold him and his paw so he wouldn’t step on it. If you’ve ever tried holding a wriggling 25 lb pug, you know how hard it is. I was so glad to turn him over to the doc when she came in and let the experts make him all better.

They had to sedate him again, but this time didn’t charge us for the sedation. Being experts in splinting and bandages, we figured the one that caused all this trouble was too large up top and got caught easily. His next one was much sleeker. He’s had a multitude of colors hot pink (which the vet swears is red, but it’s definitely pink), blue and yellow. We’re hoping for a black next. Frank has been such a trooper, driving Ozzie in during the day so I won’t have to take him during rush hour. We’ve got a good system - I give all food and meds. He takes him for bandage changes. Frank takes him back on Wednesday morning.

We’re really hoping this infection clears up.

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