Thursday, July 3, 2008

Second Day Post-Op

Ozzie had a much better second post-op day - thanks to new meds. Frank called and said he was still very restless and wouldn’t settle down. The vet called in a prescription for a pain med to my local Walgreens that I picked up on my way home. Right when I got home, I could already see a difference in him. He’s wagging his tail much more, he gave me kisses – so he’s definitely feeling better.

I did give him the extra pain pill last night so we both could get some sleep. Frank and I have been sleeping down stairs so Ozzie wouldn’t be tempted to negotiate the stairs and even jumping on the bed. He’s supposed to be on strict no jumping for three weeks. So we’re trying to keep him quiet, but he’s getting around just fine. In fact, while I was in the shower he went all the way up stairs and onto the bed. We have since put up a baby gate.

We get the pathology results today. I’m dreading to hear if we have to take his leg. I’m trying not to think about it until we need to make a decision.

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