Thursday, July 10, 2008

Great News About Ozzie

We just got word from the vet that the surgeon removed the entire tumor and Ozzie gets to keep his leg. We were so worried, and the surgeon wasn't sure he could get clear margins, but thank god he did. He’s got a few more bumps that we biopsied and were also found to be mast cell tumors, but the surgeons consulted with the oncologist and it seems that pugs can have a syndrome where they get these mast cell tumors and the treatment is really to do nothing. The staff assured us we did the right thing by removing the one on his foot cause it was huge and could have easily ulcerated. We’re meeting with the oncologist next week to follow up and discuss this further. We affectingly call him Bumpa.

Ozzie's getting around wonderfully. We had a bandage change on Tuesday and they gave him a manly blue cast. His incision was a little infected, so Frank's taking him back on Friday for another bandage change.

Ozzie's pretty much back to normal. But, he's still milking it with his pathetic looks for extra treats and cuddles. But hey - he's been through a lot.

Thank you all for your kind words and prayers. Our little guy is going to be ok :)

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