Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Super Schnoz

Ok – I have what they call pregnancy nose. It’s a new superhero sense of smell you get when you’re pregnant. I’ve heard people mention how a pregnant woman’s sense of smell increases or becomes more sensitive, but I had no idea what they truly meant until I received my special powers.

I can smell everything – and it’s not just the normal waft of odor, it’s intense. I can smell a pickle a mile away. I can smell the varnish on new office furniture. I can smell what my husband had for lunch when he kisses me hello at the end of the day.

This superhero sense of smell can be detrimental to one’s queasy stomach. I went to feed Ozzie his dog food we’ve been feeding him since he was a puppy. And I got one whiff, and that sent me running for the bathroom. On the scale of putrid aroma for pet food, dry dog food ranks pretty low. Now don’t even ask me to open a can of wet cat food – I can’t even think about what that would smell like to me.

My house smelled putrid – to me anyway. I’m sure it was fine. Clean, spick and span – but to me, it smelled of dirty socks and kitty litter. Frank went out and bought a scented air filter to put in our central air system. Who knew something like that even existed!? Well, he got three scents and the first one he put in was “tropical.” Yes, it’s definitely tropical – my house now smells like a tanning salon. Guess it’s better than dirty socks and kitty litter.

Are there any moms that have had the same superhero gift? Or another they'd like to share? Please feel free to leave comments.

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erin said...

That didn't bother me as much as meat. Bleck!