Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Suck it Up!

Well, I’m still sick. Morning sickness yes, but let’s not forget afternoon, evening and all night long sickness. I called out of work on Monday and am trying to tough it out today. I am definitely not a trooper when it comes to being sick and trying to work. The first thing I did when I got up in my office this morning was dry heave into my trash can…

What sets me off? Smells mostly. Everything smells horrid. My office smells like paint – made me hurl.

I had a meeting today with a very nice woman who had just come in from out side and she smelled. Smelled like she had just been out side – not major BO, but enough. And that made me sick.

Right now I’m getting a waft of odor coming from the bathroom at work. Reminder to self, bring in air freshener ASAP! I’m literally holding my nose.

I called the doctor and asked what I could do to stop this horrible vomiting and nausea. She suggested I try emetrol. It’s a liquid over the counter anti nausea med for kids. My boss Jeannie, pediatric nurse, said she used to give it to kids who were puking in the hospital. I picked it up at lunch time today and choked it down. Seemed to help enough for me to have half a chicken wrap and take my vitamin. But I can feel the nausea creeping back.

Doc also said to sip coke and eat small, frequent meals of bland food. I’m just trying to eat things that don’t make me gag at the mere thought or smell. When the nurse was talking about foods I should avoid, I started getting sick with her just mentioning fried foods…
Will this ever end?

My mom was so sweet to bring over chicken soup last night. She was sick for six months when she was pregnant with me – I pray that this ends soon, if not by the end of my 12th week.

I’ve noticed some family have stopped asking how I’m feeling. I guess they don’t want to hear me complain. But in their defense, I have no right to complain and I’m sure it gets old hearing me go on and on. I got myself into this mess. But it just plain sucks!

In the wise words of my friend LeAnn, I need to “suck it up”… stop complaining and just go with it.

I’ll try…

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