Monday, August 11, 2008

It’s Not Easy Being Green

I just puked into my garbage can under my desk at work. Now my office smells like puke… air freshener in the office is a MUST!

I don’t think there’s anything more humiliating than pausing in mid-sentence trying to keep the vomit from creeping up your throat… while the person you’re talking to looks at you like, “what’s a matter with you?” Or if they know you’re the queen of vomit, they are hoping to god you puke in the other direction while they run for the nearest exit.

This time I’m so glad I was alone. No one to witness my most recent up-heavel.

I thought I was doing everything right today. Granted, the smell Ozzie’s dry dog food sent me running for the kitchen sink where I had a great ab work out… I then dutifully ate toast with peanut butter and headed off to work. I had a snack, then an early lunch with lots of protein. Come 3 p.m. I was feeling a bit pukey and thought I’d take some emetril, recommended by the doc to help ease nausea. Well – that was it. Once the medicine went down, it came right back up with my lunch - now securely triple bagged waiting for the clean up crew tonight in the office. I wonder what they’re going to think!

Too much drinking in the office perhaps? Nah… let’s let them wonder for a while.

The bathroom’s about fifteen steps, but this one was a total surprise. Well, I guess next time I’ll try taking the medicine in the bathroom with the toilet within close aim.

I actually feel a little better now that I’ve cleaned everything out.

Gross, I know. But what else can I do? I have to go with the flow…


erin said...

Man, I'm sorry you're so sick. That really sucks.

erin said...

How was that for the world's most unhelpful statement?
Try oyster crackers. Smaller than saltines and less conspicuous. They really helped settle my stomach.

Rebecca M. said...

Thanks Erin - I've found a new love for ginger snaps... they're really crunchy, seem to help settle this prego mommy's tummy.