Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Must Have Baby Items

Ok, I have to admit that I have started a baby registry… ok two… One at Target and one at Baby’s R Us. I just feel so overwhelmed at the multitude of products available and it’ll take me forever to decide what we need vs what we want. Not to mention reading product reviews and research… I’m in over my head. I’d really like to keep items to a minimum if we can. I know our parents didn’t have half the things we did and we turned out just fine!

I’d like to ask you, my dearest friends and family – what are the must have items you found priceless when bringing home your new baby?


erin said...

These are ten things that I use every single day--or did in the first weeks and months (besides the obvious things like carseats and a baby bathtub--which you can only use for a little while, but they are nice because your slippery baby can't get away from you!). I will let you know if I think of anything else.
1. A Boppy!! My husband uses it, too. I thought it was sorta dumb and that I wouldn't use it, but I use it ALL the time.
2. A vibrating bouncy chair. Sometimes, it's the only thing that will soothe.
3. Lansinoh nipple ointment.
4. Gel pads for sore nipples (!!!).
5. A Glo-Worm. She LOVES it.
6. A CD player in baby's room to play a soothing lullaby CD for nap and bedtime. Play the same one every time so baby knows it's bedtime.
7. Two hooded bath towels.
8. Lavender Johnson's baby wash. (Good for Baby AND Mommy's nerves!)
9. Pacifier clips.
10. Cloth diapers to use as urp rags.

Unless there is something special that you want, I wouldn't recommend registering for toys. You will get plenty whether you ask for them or not!

Linda said...

Well, I come from an earlier generation...

1. I didn't have a Boppy, but I would have had there been such a thing way back then...I've purchased sevaral as gifts.

2. My favorite was the bouncy seat... metal frame with a quilted fabric "sling" seat... mine didn't vibrate ( not sure batteries had been invented yet!), but I would put Ben, Griff, and Natalie in it on the dryer... voila!! A vibrating bouncy chair!!!

3. A&D ointment... still keep it in my medicine cabinet.

4. I had a baby bathtub that fit on the top edges of a regular tub so that I didn't have to bend over and into the tub to give baths! My back loved it!!

5. I made TWO "lovey" blankets that were small and easily carried without being dragged... they were identical so that if one got left at Grandma's, bedtime wasn't a disaster... AND I could actaully wash one while the other was being used... no distraught babies for me!!

I agree with Erin... don't register for toys... I was very picky about what my little ones played with...

I'm sure other things will come to mind..