Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Love Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

This past week love came in two very distinct forms - food and manual labor!

The first – was in a surprise New Orleans Kings Cake sent by my dear step-mom Susan and my Dad. Susan born and raised in New Orleans pulled a few strings and ordered me the Mardis Gras treat and had it sent to my office. I had casually asked them when they’re available and got a reply that one was already in the mail from Hadley’s, New Orleans’s most famous bakery.

The most fun about a Kings Cake is that there is a little plastic baby baked in side and who ever gets the baby in their piece gets to host the party for next year! Growing up and spending many summers in New Orleans, I came to appreciate the culture, heritage and the Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez lifestyle.

Thanks Dad and Susan for bringing a little bit of New Orleans back to this Jersey Girl.

The second out pouring came from my mom who knew I was confined to my couch and that my house can easily become over run with pet hair with two cats and a dog and a husband. She promptly scheduled a cleaning crew to come in and clean my house from top to bottom. They wonderful ladies came on Sunday and spent five hours cleaning while mom and I shopped. My house has never smelt this clean... even with my super hero preggo nose!

Frank thought they did an amazing job and suggested that we have them back in a few months – I’m all for it!

Thanks mom for always knowing exactly how to make me feel better. As you’ve told me many times, a clean house is a healthy house.

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