Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Magic Little Pill Called Zofran

It even sounds magical… ZOFRAN… All hail ZOFRAN…

My lovely nurse practitioner Debbie, felt compassion and empathy when I told her of my 24/7 non-stop urge to vomit. She prescribed Zofran - a little pill that has magically taken away most of my nausea and vomiting.

Ten minutes after I took the first pill I found instant relief. I haven’t vomited in days. I feel like my old self again. And most importantly, I found my smile again. I was walking into work yesterday, smiling… and realized that I hadn’t smiled in weeks! People often tell me that I always smile, and I always say – why not! I work in a pediatric rehabilitation hospital and a friendly smile sure goes a long way – for the patients, parents and even my coworkers.

I still fill like I’ve been hit by a truck and can hardly make it up the stairs without needing to take a break… but getting rid of this nausea and changed everything. I can actually work, eat, and sleep through the night. Well without the three or four trips to the potty… But I’m not startled awake with dry heaves.

I’m so thankful that our insurance covers this wonder drug. Zofran is prescribed to cancer patients on chemo therapy and for post op recovery. It cost… get this… $750 for a SEVEN day supply! Holey cow! I was worried that the insurance would cut us off at one point, so I called to be sure future prescriptions are still covered so I don’t have to ration my supplies. We are very privileged to have such great coverage.

Working in the medical field and seeing insurance companies continually reject much needed therapy or wheelchairs for children is something that will always infuriate me.

All hail ZOFRAN and dill pickle potato chips here I come!

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