Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Ultra Sound - 8 Weeks

Here's our first ultra sound. The baby measured on track with our March 26 due date at 8 weeks 4 days. I asked the tech if she was sure it was only one, she said yes. With so many twins in my family - I just had to be sure.
It even gave us a wave... well what looked like a wave.
The heart beat was a strong 174 beats per minute and all of the fluid levels look good.
It's hard to imagine that there is a little person inside me with a beating heart and it's moving around. This first ultrasound definitely made things more real.
I have my first gestational diabetes screening tomorrow - have to go into the doc's office and down a very sugary drink. Then they messure my glucose levels... let's hope all goes well with that.

We're going in for another ultrasound/screening test some time between week 11 and 13. It's a the first trimester prenatal screening for down syndrome and other chromosonal abnormalities. They measure the fold of skin on the back of the neck, along with blood work to determine your risk factors. We're definitely doing it. It's better for us to have piece of mind that the baby is healthy or if we need time to prepare.


Jenn said...

Hi Guys - We are so excited for you and Reese is excited too. Yippee - she'll have someone to hang with. Hope you are feeling better soon and enjoy all the fun that will eventually come when you start feeling better.

erin said...

The screening isn't to abort, though, is it?

Rebecca M. said...

Erin - of course not! We're happy with what God has created - healthy or physically challenged. This is just a persuasion. I work at a children’s hospital so I see children everyday with all sorts of challenges, this will just help us prepare if need be. The findings aren’t 100 percent accurate, so d-day will be b-day!

erin said...

Oh, I'm so glad. Not that I doubted you--I just wanted to make sure. You I wouldn't have to send in the troops. Haha! : )