Monday, August 11, 2008

Help Arrives

When my wonderful parents and in-laws asked how they could help me feel better… they jumped at the chance to help. My mom made home made soup and brought it over that day! She makes the best soups I have ever had! We call her the soup mama and think she should open up a store right next to the Soup Man… She’ll give him a run for his money!

Frank’s parents have gone above and beyond helping us. I have literally been coming home from work and just collapsing on the couch. I haven’t done a stitch of house work and I told them my house just reeked (Yes, I have a superwoman nose – more on that later) and here they come with cleaning supplies and cleaned it from top to bottom. Frank’s dad trimmed some bushes outside – not sure how that makes me feel better, but hey – it’s done! That’s good enough for me J

Frank’s mom did laundry and they both cooked us two meals so far this week.

Tonight we’re celebrating my brother’s girlfriend’s birthday and my mom mad me a special pasta salad… with all my faves. It’s nice to feel special once in a while. I just hope I can keep that wonderful pasta salad down. We’ll see how that goes.
We are truly blessed to have such wonderful parents who have all been really supportive. And it’s only the beginning! Let’s hope my second trimester goes a bit smoother.

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