Sunday, June 22, 2008

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

So our first round of waiting was short lived when my period arrived two days late. Now, some women wouldn’t even consider two days being officially late, but me, who’s usually to the minute regular – these two days were grueling. I think I took four over the counter tests… silly me. I was just about to call the doctor for a blood test, but then, of course, aunt flow showed up. I know we wouldn’t get lucky on the first try… ok, so we did get lucky, but you know what I mean.

So, we’re off to the second inning. Heading to Atlantic City for a short vacation at the Borgata – wish us luck!


erin said...

Hey, you commented on my blog a while back when my baby was born. Sorry your first try was unsuccessful. Hang in there! You have to concentrate on getting Ozzie healthy again, anyway!
Take good care of yourself and enjoy time alone with your hubby. : )

erin said...

Also, go to as many movies as you can!! After your baby is born, you'll never see another movie again!

Rebecca M. said...

Thanks Erin! Of course I remember you and I've been keeping up with you and Miss SJ :) Your blogs are great. Great advice about the movies - I've heard many a couple sugegst the same. I just want wait to start blogging about an actaul pregnancy!