Thursday, June 26, 2008

Atlantic City in All Its Bedazzled Glory

Frank and I went Atlantic City for a few days, just to get a way. Frank had a convention for work and I had two appointments at the Spa. Oh, the spa was magnificent! I spaced the massage and facial out between two days. I think I’m still glowing.

AC is a lot different than Las Vegas. The clientele is a lot older, slower, and crankier than on the strip. But the restaurants were great and we even met up with Frank’s boss, Walt and his girlfriend Wendy for dinner at the Old Homestead. It was superb!

We even enjoyed a few cocktails, the benefits of the ten day rule. Ten days after your period starts, you can enjoy caffeine and cocktails. Once you think you’re ovulating, for me, it’s day 10-13… hands off!

We gambled some, but mostly just enjoyed being away.

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