Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It’s hot! It’s damn hot!

The temperature has reached over 100 the past few days and people seem to be spending more time inside, in the safe haven of the air conditioner.

They canceled some schools today and some even planned for an early dismissal. What happened to the days of sweating it out with your class mates until the three o’clock? What ever happened to the lessons learned in the dark in a feeble attempt to keep the room cool? We did not have air conditioning… only the library, the school nurse and of course the administrative offices had the precious cool air blowing through. I remember making excuses to go to the library or to see the nurse, just to cool off, but I made it through ok.

Are we raising a bunch of pansies who can’t take the heat? Or the better question us should the school system be too scared have anyone go down at school? Granted, we’d hope the smart parents would keep those kids who have health conditions at home, but for the rest of the kids – it’s a right of passage. Suck it up!

This all coming from a non-parent… who wouldn’t have to worry about their kid(s) sweating it out in school…

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