Friday, June 6, 2008

Date Night

Date night tonight at the Somerset Patriots baseball game. We have so much fun watching the game and of course the snacks are always fun. Frank likes to eat sunflower seeds and he makes such a mess. I myself am a fan of the funnel cake with extra powdered sugar.

Frank’s schedule is such that there are only two nights a week when we can actually spend time together. We also get some time on Saturday and Sunday before he goes into work at 5. So that’s four actual set times when we have time w/ each other. This is a huge challenge when trying to schedule time to see our respective families. And to make matters worse, both of our dads have council meetings on Monday nights – the one night a week Frank’s free… Frustrating, especially when the parents complain they don’t see us enough. I’d say right now the schedule is the toughest part about being a cop’s wife. Frank has the worst schedule out of the entire department… and there are no plans to change it. I guess I’ll have to be patient, which we all know I’m not good at. Our parents will be patient. Which they’re getting better at.

Ok – off to the game! Go Patriots!!!

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