Thursday, January 22, 2009

Twinkle Toes Ozzie

We have been battling a reoccurring sore paw with Ozzie since his surgery in July. Not sure if you all remember the drama we went through with his cancer and surgery. His “lucky” foot as we call it now, minus two toes, was healing fine and all of the sudden he isn’t using it at all! He may as well be a three legged dog! We took him to see Dr. Fry at Garden State Vet Specialists and she said she couldn’t find the source of the pain either. So we’re trying rimadyl, an anti-inflammatory, for a while to see if that helps.

So on top of his sore lucky foot, Ozzie broke a nail on his good foot! Straight in half and his quick was showing, but not bleeding. The nail was hanging there like a loose tooth. I didn't want to pull it off. I was worried about pain and bleeding so Frank took him into the vet.

Ozzie is notorious for not liking people touching his feet. Frank said he put up a huge fight. At one point Ozzie was so nervous he lost his bowels all over the table! Poor Ozz… Poor Frank! Frank definitely gets the Gold Star Daddy Award for comforting Ozzie through that ordeal.

The vet took the nail off, stopped the bleeding and now he has to wear a bandage for 10-12 days and be on antibiotics! $220 later – his nail should be fine!

So, he's not even using his lucky foot and he's hopping around on this bandaged foot poor guy! He looks so pathetic. I sat with him last night and made sure he was comfy with extra pillows – he just loves lounging on mounds of fluffy pillows.

Just another trial and tribulation of parenthood. I’m sure we’ll have more once our little guy arrives. But instead of bandaged paws, maybe we’ll have stitches, or fevers, or casts…

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