Monday, January 19, 2009

Lamaze 101

You know how Lamaze classes are usually very relaxing and the couples are very focused on learning breathing techniques. And you know how people get really into it and are concentrating?

Well, my experience was none of the above. If you know my dear husband at all, you know he’s not the quiet type; he always cracks jokes and doesn’t necessarily pay attention.

So here we are in a room full of 20 very pregnant women and their coaches, sprawled out on mats with pillows strewn about. Everyone is trying to focus on learning the new breathing techniques and listening to the teacher. I start to hear whistling right in my ear coming from my coach. Then my hair starts flying around, Frank really getting into his breathing. And Frank’s gentle caresses on my tummy start to feel a little less gentle, and I instantly become more ticklish. I immediately start laughing the uncontrollable, hysterical type of laughing accompanied by tears streaming down my face. I was so embarrassed, but I couldn’t help it. I’ve noticed that throughout this pregnancy, I have had the uncanny ability to laugh hysterically at things that I would normally just brush off and now, at in appropriate times.

This one was a doozy and Frank was getting a HUGE kick out of it. Good thing we only practiced breathing for a few minutes, otherwise I would have had to excuse myself from the room.

I’m so thankful the class wasn’t 100% about Lamaze. We also covered birth from start to finish, pain medication options and what a new born may look like – what’s normal and not to freak out if you see something you’re not expecting.

Over all, I’m glad we did it. I can’t say that I learned a great deal, but it was a memorable experience.

I have signed up for a breastfeeding class for later this month. Just the mom’s this time! I hope I get the same instructor. She was great – very funny and kept us laughing the entire time. So maybe I won’t feel as bad this time if I break out into another round of hysterics – just as long as instructor was initiating the jokes.

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