Monday, November 10, 2008

Pregnancy and Pets

You know, they say that animals can sense that a woman is pregnant and tend to become more loving, or affectionate. We have none of that in our house - none at all...

Here I am after a long day at work, I prop up my swollen feet on several pillows, hoping to alleviate some of the swelling and here come Ozzie and Hastings to take their positions. Don't think I'm reliving any swelling with a 25 pound pug laying on my legs!

The pets have definitely become more affectionate and this photo happens almost daily. I hope they're sensing that a new baby is coming. Granted, I will watch everyone like a hawk, but I know Ozzie will be great with the baby. We even got an infant seat/bouncer that sits up higher off the ground to avoid any drive by kisses for the baby from Ozzie, or cat but in the face of the baby from the kitties.

I read some where that we should set up the nursery furniture way a head of time. We will also use a baby doll to place in the crib. This will give the cats a chance to explore and learn the rules - if there's a baby in the crib - stay out!

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