Monday, November 10, 2008

Nursery on Order!

I’m heading out after work to order our nursery furniture. We hope to receive the furniture by December/January. Our very generous parents have collaboratived and given us this great gift. The crib is convertible and changes into a toddler bed, day bed then into a full size bed. We also ordered two dressers, one high and one low. The low can double as a changing table. We will get a very nice glider and autumn. It’s so comfortable and it reclines!

Here are a few pics:
We also finalized our registry at Baby’s R Us. Check it out

Here is our nursery bedding collection click here to view all the pieces, and check out the picture below. Think lots of wild animals, in a fun, festive sort of way. Lots of tans and greens. We like the monkey the best, so we'll have lots of monkey accents.

We did not register for much clothing. I always find it’s more fun to pick out your own little outfits when you give gifts. We just ask that you get a wide variety of sizes – if the baby’s anything like us, he won’t be in 0-3 months for long! And one can never have too many onezies!

I’m sure the shower process has started. I know the north jersey folks, my in-laws, are hosting a shower for me on January 11. My mom is hosting a south jersey shower on February 7. I thought I wanted to be involved in the planning process, but as we get close, I think I’ll just enjoy the day and not worry about the little details. We have so many other things to worry about!
Thanks to my two very loving moms for hosting these showers for me. And for my sisters for their hard work too! I’m so looking forward to celebrating this new baby with friends and family.


erin said...

The bedding will look SO cute on that dark furniture! Good shopping!

~aj~ said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Very neat that you also have a pug named Ozzie. I can't tell you how crazy I am about my Oz. We are having to give him to some family members next week (because of the biting problems). I'm devastated. :(

I wish you all the best with your pregnancy and with the transition for your Ozzie!

Another neat coincidence...we used that same Zanzibar bedding for my son Adam. It made a VERY cute nursery!