Friday, October 9, 2009

Getting Physical

It’s been an interesting week.

Dominick had his PT session yesterday with Adrienne – his all time favorite physical therapist. Okay, she’s his only PT, but she’s still wonderful with him, and us for that matter. Today, Dominick gave her one of his “face hugs” where he grabs your face with hand and brings it close to his face. It’s so adorable and he only does it to people he really likes!

Here are a few nice pics from his last session:

This is the stretch hold we do wtih him twice a day. He actaully kind of likes it!

Daddy dressed Dominick - He tucked his thermal shirt into his wind pants! How cute is that!

Hi Mom! I'm down here!

Dominick has his "InfantSee" eye exam today. It's a free program that encourages parents to have their 6-12 month old children screened for various conditions/deseases that can potentially be harmful or much worse if htey wait until "school age" to get their first eye exam. The PR firm I used to work at did the PR when they launched the program. It really is a wonderful resourse for parents. Here's the website:

Frank's birthday is on Sunday - he'll be 32. He said that "32 is the beginning of getting old. The number just sounds old" Happy birthday to my dearest husband! We have lots planned for your birthday weekend! Reports on that to come.

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