Monday, October 19, 2009

First Bites, Lap Space, October Birthday Boys

We tried puffs over the weekend - you know, the cheerio like cracker thing that melts in your mouth. He really liked them! He's such a happy baby. October 18, 2009.

First bite of apples... October 18, 2009. He hasn't had this reaction with anything yet! I think it's because the apples were cold. It's just adorable! Poor guy...

I'm running out of lap space, seriously. If we ever have any more kids or pets - I'm, you know what, out of luck!
Here are our three October Mazzarella Birthdays: Fred (Kristen's boy friend), Frank and Frank (AKA Papa)


erin said...

Cute! I LOVE the funny faces babies make when they try new things. I can't WAIT til he tries green beans. Have the camera ready!

Amy said...

I love his hair! I can't wait to meet him.