Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Meet Up

There is this website called meetup.com where people with various interests can find each other online and actually get together in person. It’s a great concept, using the internet to actually make face to face connections.

Pre-baby I went to a few meet ups for pug owners. Pug owners in general are fanatical about their pugs, but imagine when packs of puck owners get together… it was a total pug-fest. People showing off their pug’s newest tricks or collars or talking about the best this or that. It was fun, but a total “mine is better than yours”

Recently I went to my first ever official meet up for working moms. Okay, we’re talking about actual babies and their mom’s getting together for play dates and chit chat. I have to say, it wasn’t much different than the pug-fest. Moms were comparing milestones and menus, nap schedules and tantrums. All things we have in common. But our conversations steered clear of the “one upping” each other. Or at least most of us tried. When ever you bring a group of complete strangers together there’s bound to be a few, uh, characters. I’m hoping to find a few good friends and we can start our own play dates. No potentials just yet, but I'm hopeful.

I even started my own Union County Working Moms Group – hoping to expand the opportunities. Our first event is in April and I’m inviting people to my house. I’ll report on that later.

We have a few events coming up. Looking forward to play date in the park with husbands and I may even bring Ozzie.

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Stacey said...

I found our playgroup through the New Moms of South Charlotte on meet up. We started a weekend playdate group for working moms but it's been tough to get consistent attendance. Like your group we do compare notes on development but it's great to get advice on things...sort of like we do from our blog readers! :-)