Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dominick Nine Months

I always begin these posts with… wow, how did time fly buy? But these past few months I’ve taken every opportunity to really sit back and enjoy my time with Dominick. Relish in every cute smile, giggle or silly game. So this month didn’t go by any faster and I hope to continue “living in the moment.” The laundry will get folded and the dishes done, but my baby will only be a baby for so long.
Let’s see – developmentally, he’s right on track with his milestones. He doesn’t crawl on all fours, he kind of does an army scoot – we call it the “wounded solder” too funny! He can now push himself up into a seated position. He had just gotten up from a nap and I walk into his room and to my surprise – there he is, sitting straight up! He LOVES to stand. He would much rather stand than roll around on the floor. Good thing he has lots of standing toys on his Christmas list.

Dominick is quite the eater – he loves to eat solids. His faves are still sweet potatoes. We’ve added apricots, pears and CHEESE! This boy loves cheddar cheese. If I’m having a hard time getting him to eat, I just sprinkle on a little cheese and down it goes. He likes to feed himself and will take the spoon out of my hand. He gets a kick out of that. I’m still making all his food which is really easy. Now I leave some texture to the fruits and veggies. He chews them like a pro! He loves his Cheerios and if he’s in his exersaucer, I’ve caught him slipping one or two to Ozzie who’s waiting patiently near by. Dominick has started to refuse the bottle a bit more in hopes he’ll get more “grown up” food. We’re introducing as many new foods as we can! He had a little taste of tomato sauce from pizza and a little bit of the crust. As soon as he tasted the sauce, he got excited. His arms started waving and he started grunting for more! He loves my “veggie medley” of broccoli, cauliflower, peas, carrots in a cheddar cheese sauce. We’re sure he’ll be a great eater.

Sleeping – this boy is what moms call a rack master. He sleeps hours, and hours. One night he clocked 14 hours without a peep! He has at least two naps a day, for at least an hour each. Sometimes he’ll sleep 2+ hours for me at home. And he’s sleeping much better at daycare too. That’s a relief.

Dominick is very social and loves to smile at everyone. He’s started to be a little “clingy” and wants his mommy to pick him up – which is just fine with me.

He’s had a few colds since thanksgiving. With double ear infections that returned, we had two rounds of antibiotics. He’s much better, for now.

I will be updating more often. I too have been sick since Thanksgiving. We shared two very nasty bugs with everyone in the house. We’re all better and with the holidays behind us – I’m excited to get things back to normal.

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