Monday, August 24, 2009

A Special Place

Thank goodness... Dominick actually slept through the night last night! 7 p.m. to 4 a.m.! And he ate and went back to sleep until 6 a.m. I woke up several times to check on him, to make sure he was breathing. This was after a Saturday night when he woke up every hour on the hour! We're pretty sure his teeth are really bothering him. I was a walking zombie on Sunday. He didn’t nap well either on Sunday, but I think we’re back on track.

I’m even gladder (or it is, more glad?) that he slept well last night because he started day care this morning. We decided that day care was probably the best option on Mondays and Wednesdays. He goes to his Grammie (Frank’s Mom) on Tuesdays and he’s home with Daddy on Thursdays and Fridays. He has his mommy all to himself on the weekends.

I prepared everything as best I could, labeled every piece of clothing and each paci. I sent him with three. Just in case. He had extra crib sheets, his lovey, a special blanket that “smells” like mom… sniffle, sniffle…, lots of diapers and formula.

What I could not prepare for was how I felt leaving him today. I couldn’t help but cry. At least I held it until I reach the parking lot, but that was a challenge. I’m not sure why I cried. Am I worried that he won’t be taken care of? Well, no. Am I sad that he has to stay at a day care? Well, maybe. I think any mom is a little sad that her baby has to go to day care. He won’t get that one on one attention, maybe he’ll have to wait an extra 20/30 minutes before he get’s his diaper changed or his bottle or his nose wiped. To quote a good friend, “It is what it is.” It will just take some getting use to, for both of us.

We chose the day care that was associated with my job, until it was transferred to a new owner just recently. It’s called, A Special Place – and it truly is. The people are warm and friendly and he’s in a room with about four other babies this week. Next week when school starts, the number is up to 8 babies! There will be three women at all times to care for the babies.

I’ve known the director, Pam R. very well the past three years I’ve been with CSH. I’ve also worked with the day care staff on few projects. They’ve all been there 10, 15, years. Longevity at a work place speaks volumes. I’m confident he will be cared for and loved and every need attended to.

A wife of a coworker has brought her two boys there and they really like it. She even offered to "check in on Dominick" when she picks up her boys early. She says that the moms need to stick together and she'll text me with any updates. Too funny.

Ms. Pam is the head teacher in the infant room. She’s a tall African American woman with a sweet voice and knows how to take charge. Right when I arrived, she helped unpack all my bags and put everything where it needed to go. She said I did great filling out all the forms and filling them in on his tired signs and how to put him to sleep. Things that only a mother knows… well, now they need to know. Once I was unpacked, she held him and started to play. Dominick seemed content to just stare at her, at her dark skin, at her shiny earrings. Lots of earrings! The woman is brave to wear so much jewelry when working with infants. I think I counted seven, pretty large gold hoops and a few necklaces. Hey, maybe she knows it keeps them entertained.

So, I may stop by at lunch, or I may just wait it out until 4:30. Pam, the director, said she’s going to email me when she can. Ms. Pam, the teacher, said to call any time I wanted. But I don’t want to be a bother, I don’t want to be “that mom” who calls thirty times a day.

Dominick turns five months old today. Has it really been five months?

Today is one of Dominick’s first firsts. Starting day care… sniffle, sniffle, I’ll get through this. I’m sure it’s harder for me than it is for him.

Where are the tissues?

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