Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I did what?!

Ok - after a long day at work I had to stop in at Costco to pick up a few things and of course as soon as I get in the check out line I have to pee. I hurry up and get checked out and make a b-line for the bathroom.

I headed into the bathroom (which I've visited many times before) and wondered why they didn't have any little trash cans in the stalls. Once I came out I saw a line of urinals! Still it didn't click, and I thought, "isn't that funny, they have urinals in the lady's room!)

Once I got outside it hit me - I just used the men's room!

Thank god no one was in there, but could you imagine if I walked out of the stall to see a line of guys standing up at the urinals?!?

I have felt so absent minded lately - this one just tops the cake!

Anyone else have any funny stories about being pregnant and doing things you normally wouldn’t be caught dead doing?

1 comment:

Dee said...

LOL!! I don't have any great stories but had to comment because that cracks me up! I can't beleive seeing the urinals didn't immediately clue you in!!