Friday, February 27, 2009

Frizell Baby Shower

I had my third official baby shower on Feb 7. This one was hosted by my mom and my new sister-in-law, Chrisi.

I’ve had so many showers because we all felt with such a large family; we’d much prefer smaller, intimate showers. I had one large bridal shower with almost 100 people. We learned our lesson.

This shower was just wonderful! Chrisi and my mom did an amazing job. We invited all of the South Jersey and Virginia Frizells and my long time friend Yogita to a very nice Italian restaurant in Deptford. Frank took the day off from work and we took the 1 ½ hour drive down. Frank went off to a special guy’s lunch with a few uncles and cousins while the ladies got down to business of eating and opening presents. Chrisi and mom decorated the “mom to be’s” chair with a blue frilly umbrella. I think Frank liked it too!

I was lucky enough to receive many home made afghans, knitted blankets and sweaters. It really was a great event. We are very fortunate to have such a talented family! Now the girl cousins of my generation need to step it up a notch.

Thank you so much to Chrisi and Mom for all your hard work. I truly felt special and it was so much fun celebrating with all of our family.

Expectant Couple at 33 weeks

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Christina said...

Sucha lucky mommy to be! congrats on everything! i hope your baby boy is healthy and strong!