Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Second Doctor's Appointment

We had our second doctor’s appointment on Monday. All of the blood work and testing came back normal except are RH factor. I am A- and Frank is O+ which means if the baby is + then we could have a problem with additional pregnancies. So I’ll receive a special shot around the 24 week and then again after delivery to avoid any future issues. It happens all the time and is not a big deal. We also got a call about our blood work that goes with our first trimester screening and it all looks good! We’re very thankful everything came back normal.

We saw our nurse practitioner, Debbie, who is so great. She listens to all of my symptoms telling me they are completely normal. She helped us settle a little debate Frank and I had going about nutrition and eating certain foods. Frank thinks I should be eating healthier foods and I know what my stomach can handle and right now it’s definitely NOT fruits and vegetables. I can’t even stomach water! Debbie was nice enough to inform Frank that it’s not worth it to suggest I eat certain things. It’ll just make us both miserable. I couldn’t agree more. But she did assure Frank that this food aversion is only temporary and that I’ll be eating veggies before he knows it. Just a couple of more weeks – I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Last night was brutal. I made the mistake of letting my stomach become completely empty and paid the price in dry heaves… it was awful. Frank was sweet and started to rub my back and I shooed him away. Ozzie was literally sitting right next to me and cocking his head side to side with every heave… Probably wondering what the heck I was doing! Today I have a busy day at work and came prepared with crackers stuffed in my pockets. I learned my lesson last night!

Stats from the doc:
Little One’s Heart rate: 154 – it’s always so cool to hear it!
Blood pressure: 110/70
Weight gain: NONE! We'll see how long this lasts!

Our next appointment is with Dr. Purdue on October 14. It’s a good that we rotate between the docs and our nurse practitioner. I’m sure Frank’s dying to ask about “helping” with the delivery. We all know he’s got a pretty good track record delivering babies!

The following week we’ll be scheduled for our 18 week ultrasound and we’ll be able to take a peek at the baby’s gender. I can’t wait! It already looks like a little baby now, but from what I’ve heard, it gets even better the later in the pregnancy.

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