Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday Morning Play Date

Dominck had a fun morning over at Grammie's playing outside and riding in his little blue push car. Here are a few pictures. And yes, I'm a sun nazi. Hats are required when we're outside. I cna't help it... too many skin scares in my family.

Practicing walking. Those first steps are coming!

Here's Dominick doing "roll it" from patty cake. This is his all time favorite LOOK AT ME move. It's adorable.


Stacey said...

Where did you get that car? I'm looking for something like that for Cameron. I hate bending over to push her everywhere! Plus it's good for trips to the neighbors rather than the stroller.

Rebecca M. said...

My sister-in-law ordered it. Probalby from toys r us or Target. I can't remember who makes it. It's almost like the Step2 Push Around Buggy. But this modle/brand has the "quiet wheels" which you'd think are not very imporant, but let me tell you, the older models are SO LOUD! said...

What a little darling boy!

Thanks for sharing on my post...
I did make out a report with CPS myself and told the intake person about the other neighbor's sighting. The social worker will be out within 10 days.

I am keeping an eye out now and will not hesitate to follow-up with any concern.

I am so sorry to hear of what your family has been through. Heartbreaking.


Rebecca M. said...

Julie - thank you! For your compliment and kind words about my family it's been a tough road, but it's starting to get better.

Stacey - that little car was just recalled! That's why I couldn't find it online. Something about the handle coming off and kids flying down the street. I ordered the replacement parts - he likes it too much for me to return it.