Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dominick Ten Months

Seems like January really did buzz by. We all have been sick, pretty much since Thanksgiving. Dominick goes to daycare twice a week and just those two days of exposure seems to sabotage any efforts at keeping everyone healthy. But, they say, that if your child is sick when he’s a baby, he’s just building a kick ass immune system. Yeah, yeah, yeah… tell that to me at 3 in the morning when I’m rocking in the glider keeping my little guy elevated, with both of us dozing off. We’ve spent many a night in the glider, which is extremely comfortable. It even reclines!

Dominick has been hitting all sorts of milestones. He’s still doing a commando crawl, but he’s really good at it! He loves to be chased if we say, “I’m gonna get you” he squeals and takes off. He’s still cruising around on the furniture, making his way around the room. He’ll probably be walking by his birthday.

We’re pretty sure he says mama and dada. Now he’s added Ozzie to his vocabulary! When we get home, he says “oozzziiee” so cute.

He’s eating all sorts of food since his molars came in. Still mostly mushy, but people food. I’m so glad to be done with baby food! Here he is trying his first meatball… his Grammie made them for this special occasion. We’re pretty sure he enjoyed himself!

Here he is eating the meatball like an apple! This boy is definiately Italian. Here's the aftermath.

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