Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Seven Month Update

It’s hard to believe my little guy is seven months old already. Here are a few stats:

He wears a size 12 months! His favorite food right now is sweet potatoes, can’t say I blame him. I always add a little butter. He’s eating puffs and cheerios! He is currently mastering the pincher grasp – using his pointer and thumb to pick things up. He has EIGHT teeth! He’s very ticklish and loves to stand when ever he can. He can’t pull himself up just yet and doesn’t seem the least interested in crawling. He just rolls around and spins on his tummy to get at what he wants. He sits really well by himself.

We’re still seeing our physical therapist for his torticollis, but only once a month. She says he’s made great progress.

He started to babble a lot and his favorite sounds right now are: “dadadada” and even “ththththth.”

When ever he sees his Grammie – he makes this funny “AKKKKK” sound. Like he’s so excited that’s all he can manage to get out. He also tries to mimic our sounds. It’s like having little conversations with him.

We’re still teaching him sign language. We constantly use “milk,” “mama,” “dada,” “grandma,” “grandpa,” “more,” “all done,” “bath,” and “eat,” and we’re pretty sure he knows what “eat,” “milk,” and “more” mean. Not so sure about the rest. They say the expressive language doesn’t start until 9 months or so, but he’s right on track for understanding what we’re saying or signing.
He likes to hold his arms out and move his right hand, almost in circles, when he gets excited or when he’s eating. And it looks somewhat like the sign for “milk” We’re not sure why he does it. But it’s sure darn cute!

Dominick pretty much sleeps through the night, asleep by 7 p.m. and sleeps until the “witching hour” 4 a.m. Like clock work he’s fussing around 4:15 every morning. Usually we let him fuss, sometimes he drifts back to sleep, others he gets so worked up he starts screaming. Then we head in to the rescue. He’s usually up for the day around 5:30/6 a.m. He has at least two naps a day, sometimes three.

We are incredibly grateful that we have such a wonderful, well tempered, happy baby!

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