Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Check Out Our New Ride - The SantaFe!

I just had my first cup of caffeinated coffee in five months and the baby is doing flips! I think he/she likes caffeine as much as I do! A word to the pregnancy police - It’s safe to have up to 300 mg of caffeine a day and today I really needed a boost after staying out way past my bed time last night car shopping.

We finally closed the deal and Frank and I are the new proud owners of a cherry red 2008 Hyundai SantaFe! We came up with a nice compromise – I wanted all the bells and whistles, but couldn’t afford the bells and whistles with “top of the line” brands… so we compromised with a Hyundai. And I’m not so sure we even made a compromise because Hyundai has been top rated for safety and performance for many years and is affordable!

You should have seen us – bargaining with the sales man. I thought we made out pretty well. The sales man even started to get loud with us and we eventually settled on a nice price with a free LoJack thrown in.

Feeling a little more prepared for this baby.
- Family car...check!

Next on the list:
- Baby furnature
- Paint Colors
- Registries

The picture is from a Hyundai website – I’ll upload pics of me and the actual car. Promise!

Just a reminder we go in for our next doc apt on Monday! And we get to have our gender ultrasound! Do a little dance or say a prayer that the little one cooperates :) We'll of course post our news as soon as we find out.


erin said...

Congratulations!! We bought a family car AFTER the baby was born. I highly recommend doing it your way! : )

erin said...

Hey, I tried to look you up on Facebook, but I can't find you!

Rebecca M. said...

Thanks Erin! We love the car! Look me up on Facebook using my full name: Rebecca Mazzarella - I'm there! Promise!

Jeni said...

Congrats on the new car! I've been driving an Elantra hatchback for 3 years and I do love my little car. It's very dependable, has good safety features and has awesome gas mileage. Enjoy your new ride and I'm jealous that your big ultrasound is 4 days before mine!
(JeniDwy from BBC)